I Quit

by Lich King

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I’m leaving. Not everything, just tours and other live shows... and Lich King will go on without me. The song went over the reasons in a broad sense, but here’s more detail. I’ll still be here running stuff with Brian, I’ll probably still be behind most of the posts, I believe I’ll still be writing songs for the next album, whether or not I’ll be doing vocals on the album is up in the air right now.

These are my reasons for leaving. My reasons are my own, and don’t at all reflect on the attitudes or opinions of the other guys.

Reason #1: Live shows were never my thing. I have bad hearing so at a metal show when you hear the music, almost all I hear is deafening jangled noise.

Reason #2: Bars are the worst. On tour, you’re hanging around in a venue for seven to eight hours every night, and usually it’s a bar. I have no idea how someone sits in a bar for that long and doesn’t want to open their wrist with a blender.

Reason #3: I’m a homebody. I like sitting at home, surrounded by my comfort zone, making stuff. This isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy touring with Lich King, because largely, I did. I love those guys and discovered I love traveling... but I stopped having a good time when we pulled into the venue every night. I’d dread shows, and during them I’d sit on the bus and fantasize about being home with my stuff.

Reason #4: [redacted]

Reason #5: This is the big one: Money. There’s not much. Thrash bands have day jobs, and I’m not just talking about the small guys. I’d be willing to bet that just about everyone outside of the big four aren’t living off their music alone. In the song, when I mentioned “now a good show means some pizza and 9 bucks,” I wasn’t exaggerating. $9 and food are what I get for devoting my evening to what is considered a good show by our standards.

When Ol Drake left EVILE, he said “I've reached a point where I want... a house, a steady and definite income and everything in between, and in regard to my personal preferences, a touring band's income and uncertainties, in the state that I feel they would continue to be in, has become incompatible with how I feel and what I want/need.” That's pretty much it.

As for now, I solemnly pronounce thrash metal dead.

Your pal,

Tom Martin


released April 1, 2015



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