Operation: Genesis

by Euphoria Ω

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    Disc 1: Operation: Genesis

    1. Operation: Genesis
    2. Theoretical Conception
    3. Primordial Dominance
    4. Cyberschizophrenia
    5. Watchtower
    6. Aftershock: The Act Of War
    7. Parasite
    8. Black Dawn
    9. The Andromeda Effect
    10. Outro

    Disc 2: The Omega Void

    1. The Omega Void
    2. The Divine Embrace
    3. Senescence
    4. Dimension Zeroth

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THEORETICAL CONCEPTION Superior beings from beyond Terraforming life playing god Elders of ancient wisdom knowing all Advanced technology defying physical laws Complex orbital arrangement to the sun Controlled process of formation has begun Combining gases with molecular debris Calculation: 100 million years Before the work is complete Olligarchic accretion Planetary expansion Spherical coordination Time acceleration Pressurized volcanic activity Temperature levels cooled sufficiently As tectonic plates shift the earth Eons of storms brought upon the oceans birth Protective layers of the atmosphere start to form Oxygen breathin life into a new world born Cast aside your religious beliefs Open your mind, You might find endless possibilities A theoretical conception Origin of creation An alternative solution? The indecisive conclusion
PRIMORDIAL DOMINANCE From Pre-Cambrian lifeforms, bacteria to the primordial evolution of man. In between, periodically A Continental shift forced the earth to expand Multi-cellular inhabitants formed throughout large intervals of time As aeons passed, mitochondria chloroplast allowed organisms to photosynthesize Genetic Diversity Biological phylogeny Deoxyribonucleic acid A code programmed to initiate life Chromosomes duplicate, The information within cells divide Carnivorous tyrants, reptilian beasts Challenged the strong and dominated the weak The end of the mesozoic era, Meteors collide, 25 percent of earth species survive Paleogene extinction artificial procreation Ancestral lineage, homo habillis The dynamic adaptation for the primatomorpha breed Natural selection, hereditary expansion Neurologically superior than previous offsprings Neanderthal, prehistoric man. History recorded beneath the sand A heightened state of conciousness Capable of emotion and self awareness These significant creatures Have a most propituous future
CYBERSCHIZOPHRENIA New World Order Corporate bureaucracy A government programmed To uphold production efficiency Technological empire, mass control Political powers unite as one mind, body, and soul Conciousness digitized Uploaded to a harddrive Cybernetic augmentation Neurologically compatible Cyberschizophrenia Bio-mechanical prosthetics give bearth to a new age Artificial Intelligence engineered an advanced interface Cerebral mainframe replicates an individual personal identity Gaining access to a network online A virtual personality Information matrix A sea of infinite knowledge Fiber optic communication Electromagnetic wave transmission Cyberschizophrenia Freedom limited to those who rank in low and middle class Statistical criteria evaluates laws Through binary math Strict protocol enfornced To achieve economic growth Society categorized and divided into structured zones Ocuupation chosen at birth A prison, planet earth A computer generated system made up of both flesh and machine Cybperschizophrenia
Watchtower 05:57
WATCHTOWER Spectators keeping surveillance from above Operational units have collected enough Evidence to support the trial Against the human race Uploading data from our memory banks A hologram appears before the court The judges thoroughly analyze the report Supreme elders all rule in favor to decide To condemn the earth of the following crimes Corruption, Greed, monopolizing machines, religious wars Two-hundred-thousand years of oppression Psychological rape, Dividing of race without remorse The Enslavement of their fellow man Superstitious quests of the self-righteous Possessed by misguided faith Trush and reason, they evade We even altered their genes, synthetically conceived DNA enhanced the missing link in evolution Heiroglyphics interpret our influence on Mankind archain structures, a testament of time Anunakki, a deity considered to be arcane Humans only use Ten percent of their brain Constant quarrel over religion, race and sex This primitive ideology limits their ability to progress Divine eye of providence unable to shed tears We are gods that they worship The ones that they fear The watchtower sleeps, as history repeats Ignorance Reborn society subject to sub-categorization Manufactured clones individualism unknown Definition: Control overpowered by the influence of corporate administration systematically erased Targeting first, their strengths and weaknesses alike The end will result in a most sophisticated course of action. The elite council emerge expiration of judgement confirmed for earths demise wandering souls will be downloaded for experimental modification
Parasite 06:34
PARASITE Microscopic organisms Nanobot technology Unidentified specimens Harvesting electricity Unseen by human eyes As they feed they multiply Synchronized, with one goal in mind The extermination of mankind We recieved a transmission not of this earth Our sources canít locate the origin of its birth intelligence has clissified these machines As an astronomical plague created by supernatural beings Like a Virus they spread worldwide Communication satellites vertically decline Global networks disconnected offline Cybernetic experiments of celestial design Epidemic overload Collecting data unauthorized Bypass security access code Initating override Hacking all nuclear containment fields Radiation levels fluctuate Erosion damage to reactor shields Self-destruct sequence activated Emergency shutdown has been denied System error malfunction in sector 9 Encryption Deciphered in a language unknown Zero percent of survival, calculation show Toxicology report: critical post-impact A chain reaction, Inconcievable, so abstract Atoms split, molecular ions collide Analysis has confirmed the target neutralized
AFTERSHOCK: THE ACT OF WAR Bio-Nuclear warheads Requested launch codes complete In just one push of a button Your nation will be reduced to debris Radiation sickness spreads Epidemic, plague, disease in a blinding flash of light Millions vaporized within a silent scream This is an act of war This is an act of war Nuclear winter sunset A dry atmospheric freeze Unhabitable barren wasteland Cataclysmic misanthropy Damnations pride has wept Death being the product of greed Unjustified armageddon Eradication of the obsolete This is an act of war This is an act of war
Black Dawn 07:11
BLACK DAWN All existing life in the world has ceased The universe cleansed of all known impurities To prevent infection one must apply a vaccine Death is only the cure for the human disease Atmospheric decay The ozone melts away Radioactive ash, from the heavens they fall Heed the warnin of the sirens call A dimension shattered Fragments of reality, scattered Throughout time, into an ocean of infinte space With each memory a star will form in its place The eclipse setting over The horizon creates a black dawn Shadows take shape as they dance in the fog The voices of the spirits Their screams can be heard A final hymn to a dying world Sea levels increase from the ocean floor Bathing the sins of a planet deformed 3 percent of temperature of the sun The earth becomes a red boiling sphere of blood Cataclysmic aftermath Annihilating everything in its path Oxygen depleting, Hypoxia Evisceration utopia Souls spiralling into the abyss Due to humanityís incompetence Attonement is far out of reach Motherearth can finally rest in peace
ANDROMEDA EFFECT Emerging from the fourth dimension Omniscient beings of divine ascension Materilized from beyond the terrestrial plane The opening of the warpgate begins to fade The mothership dispels the void Hidden amongst a field of asteroids Entering hyperspace, coordinates set Preparing launch to the Andromeda effect Opening up the gates to oblivion A weapon capable of planetary annihilation Commence prepartion for the final phase Remaining on standby in a dormant state Imprisoned within an energy crystal The lifeforce drained from the world below A current flows from the earth to the machine Its circuits are powered By the souls that they reap Target identified and confirmed A dark aura surrounds the earth Ether drive charged to the maximum 10 seconds to detonation Burrowing deep into the planets core Manipulating gravity to distort The fabrication of reality Compressing space/time into a singularity Particle accelerator Supernova generator Thermonuclear fusion impact Gravitational collapse Global meltdown, Gaia implodes Unleashing a supermassive black hole Uninhabitable galaxy Our solar system has been erased Reincarnated somewhere in space Primordial nucleosynthesis a new beginning, a prologue to genesis
Outro 00:46



released November 11, 2017

Produced By Euphoria
Engineered By Vince Williams at Mount Doom Studios
Mastered By Brad Fischer at Duo Tone Audio
Album Cover / Layout Art By Brian Thuringer
Released by Evil EyE Records


all rights reserved



Evil EyE Records London, UK

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