Prepare For War EP

by Impalers

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Phil DeGrave
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Phil DeGrave Love the dual vocals on Prepare for War. A killer song all the way through. I prefer this EP version to the album version. Favorite track: Prepare For War.
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[Verse] When I see all this indecency, I cannot breathe - a fire burns in my eyes Accepting violence using apathy as policy - and just pray to the sky Never will I follow you, never get in line - won’t succumb to your hate Never will I see the way that you see life - this misanthropic state [Chorus] Why can’t we attune This must be over soon I cannot take no more Now we prepare for war [Verse] When I look up to the sky above nothing change - why should it do so for you You don’t possess a mystic power that I don’t - why can’t you face the truth Why can’t the world go on in unity and harmony - instead divided by lines Acts of war based on bigotry are viciously causing end of times [Chorus] I long to escape this place No more lives must go to waste I cannot take no more Now we prepare for war [Bridge] Why does man feel the need to defile To watch as lesser beings tremple in fright See the fear in the eyes of those we destroy In the hearts of man evil Will be reborn, will be reborn Will be reborn, will be reborn Evil reborn into shape by our will Mother Nature will bow as we rape the world And every single living creature will die - Tonight So fight - The end is in sight [Solo – Carnell] [Verse] As the midnight hour closes in, the fire win - there’s no way to return Shells and shrapnel flying through the air from nowhere - it’s time for us to burn The human race cries in deep despair, now they care - and sing their final song Obliteration is now imminent just because - we couldn’t get along [Chorus] It is now much too late We must accept this fate We secured our fall When we prepared for war
[Verse] Awaiting hellfire when your life expire Tormented in your eternal tomb You did not pray and you did not say For your sins Christ took his final wound [Verse] The manifestation of your destination Created by your godless way You didn’t follow and you didn’t swallow So now it’s time for you to pay [Chorus] They wage their wars in his holy name Of fire and death they sing Indoctrination is their game Enslavement is what they bring Destination: Warfare! [Verse] In your final hour you have the power All you have to do is repent All your mistakes like that washed away If you don’t then to Hell you’ll be sent [Verse] Their path you must take, they will manipulate Through their institution of fear Threats and demands, put the chains on your hands Accept the God that was never here [Chorus] [Solo - Carnell] [Chorus]
[Verse] Decease is just an irony of fate Multiple rites I'm gonna lose my way Paraphilliac body control To slay the phantom from my soul You're gonna die [Chorus] Unholy evil prophets rise Fire is raining from the endless skies Can you hear the final thunder roaring Napalm in the morning [Verse] Skin peeling off to drop your timid mask You wish that death redeems you fast Creation of the fire seems the perfect nude Your carbonized torso just a part of you You're gonna die [Chorus] [Bridge] Charlie close to me Smell of gasoline Physically abused See the hollow face That burned down and raped Your petition refused Screaming for your life Suffocation cries Religions been lost Dancing in the flames That's your destiny Surrendered to the gods [Chorus] [Solo – Carnell] You're gonna die [Chorus]
[Verse] Let the killer go, don't let your mother know Don't go out tonight, don't even try to fight Cause I can see, I've got the thing you need And I'm here to stay, it's gonna be that way [Chorus] Don't try to run, don't try to scream Believe me, The Hammer's gonna smash your dream [Verse] I'm in your life, just might be in your wife Could be behind your back, I might be on your track And it might be true, I might be onto you I'll scare you half to death, I'll take away your breath [Chorus] Don't try to see, don't try to hide Believe me, The Hammer's gonna make you die [Verse] There ain't no way, you'll see another day I'm shooting out your lights, bring you eternal night And your eternal tricks, begin to make me sick The only thing I know, is that you've gotta go [Chorus] Don't try to hide, don't look around Believe me, The Hammer's gonna bring you down


Impalers first EP contains two new Impalers songs and two cover songs. It is also available to buy in a sleek digipak with 4-page booklet at


released April 1, 2015

Recorded March 2014 at Death Island Studios.
Produced by Marco Angioni.
Mixed and Mastered by Søren Jensen.
Cover Artwork by Mario Lopez.


all rights reserved



Evil EyE Records London, UK

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